50th Birthday Cake Ideas

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Cake submitted by Jennifer M. from Folsom, CA

50th Birthday Cake

For this cake I used a family recipe, but you can use your desired box cake, any flavor.

Use 2 boxes of cake mix for the sheet cake and 1 box for the oval. I had a half sheet cake 11x15x2 and an oval-shaped 8x2 pan. (After baking and cooling, I freeze the cake so it's easier to lay the fondant as it becomes moist.)

I made the frosting/buttercream for the whole cake using the following recipe.

I mixed half of a 2 lb. bag of powdered sugar, 2 cups of Veggie Crisco, 2 tsp. of clear vanilla extract, about 1 Tbsp of milk, and about 4 Tbsp of water. These ingredients should be smooth and creamy when the process is complete. If the consistency is off, keep adding additional water until it is right.

I had to do this a few times through out the decorating process. For this cake I had orange, green, and purple colors. (I used the Wilton brand.)

I covered the cake in yellow fondant after smoothly icing it. Next I started decorating the cake. I cut out multiple squares of purple, pink, and orange fondant freehandedly.

After the cake was covered, I took the pre-made frosting and wrote in the 50's on the squares, the dots, and the swirls. I used green frosting for the rim of the cake.

And finally, I bought "Oh No The Big 50" candles for extra decoration!

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