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Alligator cake decorations are quite visual. Any one of these cakes can be a great centerpiece for a birthday party or other celebration. I hope you benefit from using our cake ideas!

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Crocodile birthday cake submitted by Kasi W. from Gonzales, LA

Crocodile Birthday Cake

To make this alligator cake, I had two 9x13 inch and two 8x8 inch cakes. I simply placed them against each other on a cake board. Then I took a very sharp knife, and cut out the shape that would look like an alligator.

Then I covered the entire cake with buttercream and put it in the fridge to harden. I took Viva paper towel and smoothed out the buttercream. I used fondant to create eyes, ridges and nostrils.

I covered the cake in white fondant, and added other details - tail, back, and so on. I was quite happy with the way they turned out.

Next step is to airbrush the cake. I made my own color for the body by combining green and brown. I used black color for the nostrils and the eyes. Then I made mud out of brown and water out of blue colors. My letter cutouts were in green color.

I used little white fondant pieces to create the teeth. I used green ribbon and put it around the cake board using hot glue.

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Crocodile birthday cake submitted by Tami E. from San Antonio, TX

Alligator Cake

Using our favorite recipe I baked this cake in a bunt cake pan. I cut it in 3 equal sections, and then cut one section in half diagonally from top to bottom.

Place them on your work surface in the shape of an alligator, using the top of the diagonally cut portion as the tail. Cut the bottom portion in 4 (as equal as possible) pieces, and place them for the feet. Color frosting to your preference, and frost the whole thing.

For the eyes, I cut 1 large marshmallow in half and frosted the back half of each piece. I placed the pieces on top of the head. Then covered malted milk balls with white frosting, and attached for the eye balls. Also used malted milk balls for the nostrils.

For the teeth, I used yogurt covered pretzels broken and pushed into the cake. For the claws, I used sour apple candy belts: cut up claw shapes and placed on the feet. Then as an added touch, I put green M&Ms all over the body.

The cupcakes are simply frosted with gummy worms to provide enough cake for everybody. We had them as a different flavor option for anyone who didn't like the chocolate we used for the alligator.

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