Homemade Basketball Cake Ideas

If you have a basketball enthusiast in your life, then baking a basketball cake for him or her would be an awesome idea! Below you'll find some tips to get you started. Good luck!

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Cake submitted by Jill C. from Bellbrook, OH

Basketball Birthday Cake

I made this cake with two sheet cakes. The backboard is "glued" to foamcore for support. The picture was printed on edible print paper. The floor is painted with the grain and the home made fondant was cut into strips and applied.

I found the upright cake was a huge challenge and still am open to suggestions on that. But the grad loved seeing his face on the cake.

The ball was baked in a Wilton ball pan and I used only half. The hoop and net is fondant rolled out thick and weaved together.

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Basketball cake submitted by Melissa F. from Independence, MO

Basketball Cake

The cake is a classic butter cake recipe. The icing is a buttercream icing. I used fondant for the basketball rim, net, and the basketball jersey. I had a 8x8" square pan and a half of the Wilton ball pan.

I mixed up Wilton buttercream icing and tinted it appropriately. I iced the rectangle cake smooth, and then iced the half ball cake (I did not think of it at the time, but I should have iced the half ball in the orange that I was using to cover in star tip).

I then added the half ball to a corner of the square cake. I used the Wilton tube icing in black for the lines on the basketball, and then filled in with star tip #16. I colored the fondant appropriately for the rim and jersey accents.

Basketball Cake

I rolled the fondant out, and cut a jersey shape from it. I rolled the orange fondant into a rope long enough to go over the ball. I added the rim with some white buttercream. I then rolled some white fondant into rope shape, and applied to the rim with clear vanilla.

I attached the red accent to the jersey with clear vanilla, and then attached the jersey with white buttercream. I used the remaining buttercream (that was tinted for the basketball) to write the Happy Birthday message, and to apply the dot border to the bottom of the cake.

This basketball birthday cake was so fun and easy to make. The birthday boy loved it!

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