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Cake submitted by Ann K. from Nashville, TN

Ben Ten Cake

I made this Ben 10 cake for my son's fourth birthday. The kids went crazy about it because: for one they loved the iced Ben 10 picture, and because it tasted really awesome.

Since I am not a professional cake decorator, I was trying to rack my brains on how to get the Ben 10 design on to a cake. I had baked a rectangle shaped chocolate cake to fit the picture of Ben 10.

A few days before the birthday, I had prepared the Ben 10 design and kept it in the freezer to make sure that I got the design right.

To do that, I had first taped the picture onto a tray and then taped a cling film sheet on top of the picture. I had then prepared buttercream icing and coloured it according to the required colours. I didn't want to use fondant as I didn't like the taste.

Next I outlined the picture using black icing and then started filling in the Ben 10 picture with the corresponding coloured icing. I had to dip my finger in cornstarch and press the icing down from time to time so as to keep the icing stuck on the cling film.

After completing the picture, I covered the whole picture with green icing to make it the background. Finally, I kept the tray in the freezer until needed.

When assembling the Ben 10 cake, I covered it first with green buttercream icing. Tips to get a smoother background are to first cover the cake roughly with a layer of icing to seal in the crumbs, and then ice the cake thickly with green buttercream icing while dipping the spatula into a glass of hot water from time to time to smooth out the lines.

After icing the cake green, I removed the frozen picture from the freezer and removed the tapes from the cling film and inverted the frozen picture onto the cake. Then I carefully removed the cling film out and added the final touches to the cakes such as the green dots, the wording and border.

I had prepared some royal icing to get the pure white colour and filled in the shirt area with it to get the bright white colour. It turned better than I expected and was 100% satisfied when I saw the ecstatic look on my son's face.

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Cake submitted by Maha H. from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Ben 10 Cake

I had a lot of fun making this Ben 10 cake! Although I was asked for a simple cake, but I couldn't help myself!! I just had to create this carved character cake so I could show off my carving skills, haha!

I can't remember exactly what type of cake I made for this one, because it was a long time ago. You can just bake a rectangle sheet cake using your favorite recipe and flavor.

Then you start the carving process. I carved a boy's shape out of the sheet cake, and used the scraps to give the face and arms a bit more definition.

I covered the whole cake in fondant according to a picture of Ben 10 I had beside me. I used tan color for his skin, white for his shirt with a bit of black, brown for his hair, and green for his eyes.

I think the trick to a great carved cake with definition like this one is to cover the cake with fondant while it is still soft.

What I mean is do not stick the cake in the fridge after you cover it in buttercream, so the cream is still a bit soft when you apply the fondant. That way you can manipulate the fondant and curve it with your hands according to the shape of the cake.

Tip: using this Ben 10 cake as an example, you can make any cake resembling your favorite character using the carving tips I mentioned. Your creativity is the key!

I heard the little boy (who I made this cake for) liked it a lot.

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