Bobcat Cake Decoration Ideas

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Cake submitted by Leanne S. from Consort, Alberta, Canada

Bobcat Cake

This is a skid loader cake. Here is how I did it...

Make 2 cake mixes (any flavor) according to directions. Pour into two 9 inch square cake pans and 1 loaf pan (for the bucket). Bake until done. Cool completely.

I over-mixed my cake mix so my cakes had a raised center. I had to cut the cake tops off, but it worked out well - used it to make the "cab" a bit higher and to give it a curved effect.

Place the 2 square cakes on top of each other - can put filling in between cakes (I was in a hurry and forgot).

Cut 2 strips to separate the cab and the arms.

I only cut through the top cake because I thought if I cut all the way to the bottom, it would be too flimsy. I also put my cake on a box covered with tinfoil cut to the same size as the cake just to give it some height.

For the bucket, I cut the loaf cake in half lengthwise (as to make it look like it was digging into the ground). Then I dug out a bit of the bucket to make it look more like a bucket.

If you look at the picture, you will see a small piece of cake "attaching " the bucket to the arms of the Bobcat. I just used some of the other half of the loaf cake cut to fit.

Now you are ready to ice the cake. (I could have put more detail into my cake, but left it until the day of the birthday party and ran out of time.)

Tanner wanted his cake to look the same as one of his toys. So I had to use black and yellow, but you could use any color you want.

For the "mud and rocks", I made some instant chocolate pudding and poured over chunks of leftover cake. Then poured it in front of the bucket to look like the Bobcat was digging it up.

Used some "clean" tires off of one of Tanner's tractors. He thought the cake was amazing!

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