Care Bear Cakes

Care Bear cakes are perfect for young kids. They will sure put a smile on their face, and they taste great too!

If your bake your own cake and you take a picture of it, please share it with us. Others would get inspired by your cake recipe ideas.

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Cake submitted by Anne H. from Ile Des Chenes, Canada

Care Bear Cake

This is a baby shower cake where the theme was Care Bears. I used two rectangle cake pans to make the base. I made one chocolate cake and one French vanilla cake. The Care Bear was made using the 3D bear cake.

I decorated the bear by looking at a Care Bear picture. The Care Bears on the base where first traced onto parchment paper. Then I transferred them onto the cake by using gel icing. Once the gel pattern was on the cake, I used Wilton spray icing to color the sky.

I then filled in the gel Care Bears patterns with icing to make the pictures. When all the pictures were complete on the base, I inserted 6 dowels into the centre of the cake to hold the 3D bear in the center.

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Cake submitted by Annie M. from Lampman, Canada

Care Bear Birthday Cake

A Care Bear for Christina: a 9 by 13 cake (one layer) and 2 round cakes.

One round cake was used to give some height, and the other used to stand up. I made a rainbow slide for Care Bear to land in a cloud at the end of the slide.

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Care Bear cake submitted by Christine M. from Kelowna, Canada

Care Bear Birthday

Use your favorite chocolate cake recipe or mix, and triple the recipe.

I used two 9 inch pans: one for the head and one for the body. The rest of the batter went into making cupcakes which I used for the bear's ears, arms, nose and legs. Let cake cool completely, then transferred to a serving platter.

I cut the top cake into the shape of a Care Bear head, and cut out little crescents from the cupcakes so the ears would sit flush. I also cut a little crescent on the bottom circle (body of the cake), so the head would nestle down nicely.

I used a simple buttercream frosting: butter, icing sugar, hot water and cocoa. You could purchase chocolate hearts for the decorations, but I made mine melting chocolate chips and butter, then making hearts on wax paper and cooling in the freezer.

I had Smarties for the heart symbol on belly and eyes. Used a toothpick to melt some white chocolate to make little white hearts on the eyes. I also had fun putting a few red Smarties on the side of the cake to look like the red heart on the Care Bear's bottom.

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