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Construction cakes are cool! They would make any boy's party extra special. If you like simple but effective design, then look no further - these birthday cakes are the solution!

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Cake submitted by Anne K. from San Diego, CA

Construction Theme Cake

I made this construction cake for my son's 4th birthday. It is just a Betty Crocker chocolate 9 X 13 cake. I iced it chocolate and then took green and made a little grass. The rest is mud.

I bought the little cake toppers at Hy-Vee, then added crushed Oreo cookies for more mud. The kids loved it! Very simple and got the idea from this site.

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Cake submitted by Kim F. from Australia

Construction Birthday Cake

I did a Tonka/Fire Truck birthday party for my son. We could not find any pictures of construction cakes online, so I dug thru his toys and found several Tonka cars. We decided to work around them.

We then used store-bought cream cheese frosting mix, and added cocoa mix to give it a chocolate flavor. Frosted the whole cake (except the sides).

We made the road in a shape of a "B" (for my son Bryson). Knowing how much room we had left to work with, we added the other areas.

Filled in the grass (grass tip) where needed. For the brown areas (dirt pit) on the far right, we used crushed up chocolate cookies and sprinkled over the chocolate frosting.

I put candy chocolate rocks in the upper right corner, and made a rock pile. Filled up the back of one of the trucks with rocks too.

In the lower right corner, we took a chunk of the cake out. Then put it in the back of the red tractor to make it look like the tractor took a scoop out of the cake.

Filled in the lines with white frosting on the road, and the top was done.

The hardest part was the side - yellow Caution tape. Use white frosting, yellow cake food coloring, and frost the sides. Use a tip to make a thicker boarder on top and bottom, if you want.

We then made black lines (color white frosting black), at an angle, down the yellow (use flat tip) caution tape part.

I had some construction signs that we placed on the cake to finish it off!

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Cake submitted by Deborah K. from Oakville, Canada

Construction Cake

I used Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix (2 packets). Baked cake according to instructions on the box.

Since my son's birthday is in March, I used white vanilla icing to create a snow covered construction site.

Placed 3 mini construction vehicles on the cake. Dug out some cake pieces in front of the digger, and put some cake crumbs into the dumper truck. Used orange vinyl strips to make a cordoned fence.

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