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Cake submitted by Valeri M. from Springfield, OR

Drum Cake

This is an Oregon Duck Drum set cake that I made. Oregon ducks and drums are the birthday boy's 2 favorite things.

The two top drums are double layer 8" cakes covered in a marshmallow fondant, with sides air brushed in blue. I made strips long enough to do around the top and bottom of the cakes. I made a few extra, and cut them (1 1/2 in.) into little strips to look like the brackets.

Once I had all my fondant strips cut, I air brushed them gold. I then put the long strips around the top and bottom of the cakes. Next I applied the small strips up and down over the top and bottom of gold strips.

The bass drum was a 10" cake I cut in half so it would stand up. Covered it in marshmallow fondant. I air brushed the sides blue and the front green. Repeated the steps for the strips.

Drum Cake1

The yellow O was cut out of gum paste (free hand), and painted yellow. The drum stickers were molded out of gum paste, and painted copper. The symbols were made out of gum paste. I used the largest circle cookie cutter I had, and left to dry. Once dry, I air brushed them gold.

The stands holding up the cakes were 2 tall straight flower vases covered in fondant and airbrushed black. The stands for the symbols were dowel rods air brushed black. I hot glued the vases and dowel rods to the board fro extra support, and it worked out great.

Marshmallow fondant: poured 1 package of mini marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl, and added 2 Tbsp water. Put in microwave for 30 sec. Removed and stirred, and repeated the process until the mixture was gooey.

Then covered hands in shorting, and folded in powdered sugar (little at a time). (Make sure you grease you surface area as well.) I used a little less then 2 lb. of powdered sugar.

All cakes were covered in buttercream.

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Cake submitted by Tami E. from San Antonio, TX

Drum Birthday Cake

Start with 2 of your favorite flavor cake mixes. Bake 1 according to directions in a 10 in. round cake pan, and the other in two 8 in. round cake pans. Prepare your base while waiting for your cakes to cool.

I used a 2 in. thick piece of foam covered in foil. I bought 8 in. plastic plates and separating pillars for wedding cakes to use as risers for the 8 in. drums.

I set them up by hot glueing them to my base and putting some extra glue under the back 2 pillars (to have them at a slight slant).

I cut about 2 in. off one side of the 10 in. round cake, and placed it on its side as the base drum. I pushed a plastic cake tube into the foam to support it. Then frosted the front and back white.

Placed a picture of the JB emblem on it while the frosting was still a little damp. Then frosted the edge blue and piped on white drum details.

Drum Birthday Cake1

I then placed the two 8 in. cakes on the risers and frosted: red for the edges and white for the drum tops with the white piped drum details.

For the symbols, I melted white chocolate chips. Colored it to preference, and placed on 2 small saucers covered with waxed paper. Put them in the freezer to harden.

Next I pealed them from the waxed paper, and poked holes in the center. Attached them to skewers using more chocolate.

I placed one of them inside the plastic tube through the base drum, and poked the other into the foam. The drum sticks are just 3 skewers taped together with a masking tape.

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