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Elmo Birthday Cakes:
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Elmo cake submitted by Gail C. from Waseca, MN

Elmo Birthday

What you'll need: Pillsbury classic yellow cake mix, one cup water, 1/3 cup oil, 3 eggs, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate frosting, red licorice and hard boiled eggs.

Set oven to 350°F. Prepare pan to keep the cake from sticking by lightly coating bottom of pan with cooking spray and flour dusting. Blend cake mix, water, oil and eggs in a large bowl until moistened. Beat with mixer on medium speed for 2 minutes.

Bake cake in two round pans for 34 to 38 min. Remove cakes when done. Allow 10-15 min to cool completely before frosting.

Place one cake on top of other. Then frost the cake. Add hard boiled eggs as eyes and 2 chocolate covered raisins on top of eggs. Then cut licorice about an inch long, and layer over the cake as Elmo's fur. The nose is an orange peel.

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Elmo cake submitted by Alexandra T. from Kirkland, Canada

Elmo Cake

This cake requires 10 x 3 inch and two 6 x 2 inch pans, Elmo candy mold, 14 inch cake board, 6 inch cake board, a dowel rod (to support the upper layer), and fabric covered wire (found at cake supply stores or at your local florist).

Either a couple of days in advance or the day before, make 14 Elmo lollipops. For the 8 Elmos on the bottom layer, do not put in the lollipop sticks.

'Glue' two Elmos together with melted chocolate for the top of the cake, so no matter what angle you're looking at the cake - you see Elmo.

Next roll out your yellow and red fondant to about 1/2 inch thickness and cut out the stars. Make sure to put down a thin layer of icing sugar on your counter so the fondant does not stick.

Insert the fabric wrapped wire in the bottom of the stars. Cut the wires to various lengths to add interest to your display. Leave to dry.

Day of, prepare the cake mixes. Fill the 10 X 3 inch pan with 2 cake mixes, and the two 6 X 2 inch pans with one cake mix. Bake at the recommended temperature on your mix for about 50 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the cake comes out clean.

Once the cakes are done, let them cool for about 10-20 minutes in the pan. Once cooled slightly, remove the parchment paper.

Take a serrated knife and cut the top of the cake using the top of the pan as a guide to help keep the cake level. Then turn the cake out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Once the cakes are cooled, put a dollop of icing on your 14 inch cake board and turn your 10 inch cake onto to it, cut side down. For the two 6 inch cakes, put a dot of icing on the 6 inch cake board and turn one layer onto it, cut side down.

Put a generous layer of icing over the top of the cake and turn the second 6 inch cake, cut side down on top of it. Put a crumb coat on the cakes.

Once your crumb coat is set (about 10 minutes, it should be a bit "crunchy"), generously ice the cakes. With this buttercream icing it sets quite quickly so don't wait too long to go back and smooth the cake, it'll just make a mess.

Cut 4 3/4 inch dowel rods to fit the depth of the 10 inch round. I usually put the rod in the cake and mark it with a pen. Then pull it back out, and use the pen mark as a guide to cut the remaining pieces.

Center the four cut dowel rods in the center of the cake, and then carefully place the 6 inch round cake on top. Using #27 star tip, ice a shell board around both layers of the cake.

In the top center of the cake, place the two Elmos that you've glued together. Evenly space the remaining Elmos on the lollipop sticks around the second layer of the cake.

Finally, place the final 8 Elmos you made without the lollipop sticks around the bottom of the cake. You may need to put a dab of icing on the backs of them to help them stick.

Color a small amount of icing with red food coloring (I used Wilton no-taste red), and pipe a number 1 with tip #5. Finally, randomly place your stars around the cake, and enjoy!

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Elmo cake submitted by Maha H. from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Elmo Birthday Cake

I baked a cake. I layered it with vanilla buttercream. My tips here would be to bake it in a very deep pan! That way you can layer the same cake two times. Or, you will need two cakes for EACH tier to be able to achieve the "high" effect of the cake.

You have to use a minimal crumb cake recipe for layered cakes! Sponges and regular cakes will not do, because they will collapse when you layer and stack them. A dense cake is best!

After you have your cakes covered in fondant and stacked, it is time to arrange your characters! Usually I make my figures a few days in advance to allow them enough time to dry.

I colored the fondant, and I made the figures using online search results for Elmo images.

I also made a variety of decorations including gift boxes, baby blocks, baby bottles, baby booties, bibs, etc. This depends on your creativity and skill.

After they were made, I placed the figures on the cake and re-arranged them until I was happy with the positions they were in. Then I used a small wipe of water to stick them on the cake.

One thing I regret is making Elmo so big! Big fondant figures mean HEAVY fondant figures! They will result in collapsing your cake at the area they are positioned in. If I were to do these again, I would make the figures smaller.

Elmo Birthday Cake

I then piped a border all around the cake. For the other version I rolled a piece of fondant into a long ribbon and made a bow.

Make Elmo cupcakes using any recipe you have or a box mix. I piped red star tips all over the cupcakes, then I made the nose and eyes using fondant. I piped the mouth using black buttercream with the number 3 tip.

As for Elmo cookies, I made the sugar cookies using Wilton recipe and sticking a lollipop stick right before baking to create cookie pops. I then iced with red royal icing to create a rock hard finish.

You can then use fondant or royal icing to create the nose, eyes, and mouth shapes on top! These make great party giveaways or a pretty centerpiece, if you stick them in Styrofoam in a vase or box!

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Elmo cake submitted by Vanessa H. from Richmond, VA

Elmo Theme Cake

For this Elmo cake, bake and ice 10 and 6 inch cakes. Color fondant with your choice of colors. I used blue and yellow. Elmo head was made from crispy treats cereal. Made head and 3 balls (eyes and nose). Let harden at least overnight. Cover eyes with white fondant. Nose covered with orange fondant.

Attach to head with toothpicks. Pipe mouth in with a little black royal icing as well as pupils for eyes. Let dry. Use red royal icing and tip #18 to cover Elmo. Let dry at least overnight.

I used wooden BBQ skewers (plenty) since they are so long to attach head to cakes. Added candle, Sesame Street rings and rolled fondant balls to put around cake.

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