Football Cake Ideas

Here you'll find several football cake designs. Any one of these cakes would make a football fan very happy! Pick your favorite cake, and follow the instructions!

And if you make your own cake, and you would like to share it with us, you can do so by filling out this form. Good luck!

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Cake submitted by Chelsea from Webster, NY

Football Cake

This was a cake for my nephew's birthday. He is an Eagles fan and the rest of us are Bills. This is a basic cake mix from a box with added pudding mix for extra moistness. The football is fondant. I wrapped fondant around a football and when it hardened I carefully pulled it off and used frosting piped on to decorate it.

The Team names were sprayed on over the green frosting. Cake is Betty Crocker cake mix and pudding mix. Frosting is powdered sugar, milk, butter, Crisco, and almond extract.

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Cake submitted by Bonnie L.

Football Field Cake

I made this cake for my son's 8th birthday. I used a 1/4th sheet cake chocolate flavor. Iced with buttercream frosting and tinted it green for the field and left it white for the yard lines. I bought a football cake topper from Hy-Vee. My son loved it! It was a huge hit and so simple!

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Football cake submitted by Lynn B. from Dexter, NY

Helmet Cake

Prepare your cake mix, and bake in three 9 inch round pans. Frost the cake in the middle, and assemble as you would for a double layer cake. Take the third round cake, start at the halfway point and cut it in half.

Place the two cut pieces together. Shape the cake in a wide smile shape (this is the guard of the helmet). Pay close attention to the ends: angle them so they fit nicely up next to the other rounds.

Once done, put a base coat on the entire cake so that the guard sets in place. Once dry, apply the guard color first (I used white where the face would normally go). Then wait a few minutes to apply the color frosting you want for the helmet.

Once this is done, I piped black on the guard and the front of the mask. If you have a favorite team logo, now is the time to pipe that on, or whatever else you would like on the helmet.

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Cake submitted by Vanessa H. from Richmond, VA

Football Theme Cake

I baked a half sheet football cake to make the field, and then iced with green buttercream to resemble grass. Stacked 8- and 6-inch tiers.

8-inch tier was covered in blue marshmallow fondant. 6-inch tier was covered in white marshmallow fondant. Shaped the football from crispy rice treats, covered in brown fondant with white fondant strips to resemble football.

Made grass from green fondant to make it look like the football is coming from out of the ground. Used grass tip and green buttercream to add grass around the field. Stars, stripes, numbers and name are all fondant.

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Cake submitted by Lisa C. from Haughton, LA

Football Birthday Cake

I used Wilton football cake pan and white cake. The icing is regular buttercream icing colored brown, and OSU colors using Wilton brown, black, orange and light orange.

I found a picture on the website of the OSU, and traced it to wax paper. I pressed it onto the icing and traced it out using black.

The letters are all 2 toned, and they took some time. Once done, I dipped my finger in corn starch and smoothed out so you couldn't see lines.

This cake turned out 10 times better than I ever expected. This is not a screen print of the is all freehand icing.

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