Halloween Graveyard Cake Ideas

On this page you'll find several designs for a Halloween graveyard cake. Any of these cake decorations would make a great centerpiece for a Halloween party.

If you made your own cake, we'd like to hear from you. Give us the details of how you made it, and we'll post it on this site.

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Cake submitted by Brandi S. from Stoney Creek, Canada

Graveyard Halloween Cake

To make this graveyard theme cake, I used a 9x13 cake for the ground. Created a gingerbread house and placed it behind the cake. Levelled off the ground and began to ice: brown icing for the pumpkin patch and orange for the path leading to the house.

I made the grass. I used a tip to make the grass stand up higher then the dirt in the pumpkin patch. I was able to find some Halloween finger puppets to add to the decorating. I hope you like it - good luck!

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Cake submitted by Ashley B. from Duncan, OK

Graveyard Cake

I made this cake using my favorite store bought chocolate cake mix, but you can use white or any other kind of cake you prefer. For the gravestones I used a Wilton candy mold.

Pour about 3/4 of a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave to melt. Stir every 15 to 20 seconds to keep the consistency smooth. Once the chocolate has completely melted, I poured it in the candy molds and let it set until completely cooled and hardened.

Flip the cake over and lightly ice the middle of the cake while putting a normal amount of chocolate icing on the rest of it. To make the appearance of the mounds of dirt, I took Twinkies and cut them in half lengthwise, placing them cream side down on the cake. Then I covered the Twinkies with chocolate icing.

I then took several Oreos and placed them in a plastic Ziploc bag. Take a rolling pin and crush the Oreos up, and then sprinkle them on the Twinkies to give the impression of fresh dirt.

I then took gummy worms and cut them in half and placed them around the Twinkies. I placed the chocolate gravestones behind the Twinkies.

I used a marshmallow ghost behind one of the gravestones and used gummy bone candy all around the edge of the cake. I gently pushed them into the icing. I also used a few more of the gummy bone candy near one of the graves.

I made this for a Halloween party. The children really loved the cake.

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