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Below you'll find very cool Lego cake ideas that you can use right away. They're simple and quite easy - just follow the instructions. Good luck!

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Cake submitted by Susan J.

Lego Birthday Cake

For a perfect Lego birthday party, this Lego cake will have all your guests asking for seconds!

For my son's seventh birthday party, he wanted to go with a Lego theme. I got each child a small set of lego to build for craft, it kept them all busy and most of all quiet for a good hour. To add more fun to the party I mixed different color Kool-Aid and put them in lego shaped ice cube trays and the kids each picked a color of lego ice cube put it the glass of water and slowly the color of the water in the glass started to change.

The best part of the party was the Lego cake! Try it! I promise it will be a hit and the perfect center piece that will have the kids talking about for weeks.

Here is the recipe:

  • 2 pkg. Betty crocker chocolate cake mix
  • 2 pkg. Betty crocker vanilla cake mix
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable oil
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 can of custard pie filling
  • 2 cans of Duncan Hines frosting
  • 1 container of fondant
  • 1 kilo of lego candy blocks
  • food coloring
  • Lego people or cars of you choice

1. Mix both pkg. of chocolate cake mix according to instructions, using eggs, oil and water. Bake in a square baking pan at 350 degrees for 45 min.

2. Mix both vanilla cake mix pkg. according to instructions and follow step one. Now you have two sheets of cake, one chocolate, and one vanilla.

3. Let the cakes cool. Spread custard pie filling on top of the chocolate cake, then place the vanilla cake sheet on top.

4. Frost full cake with Duncan Hines frosting.

5. Use lego candy blocks to build walls around the cake.

6. Add a few drops of black food coloring to a 1/4 cup of fondant. Roll it with a rolling pin to make a shape of a road. Cut the edges with a knife to make straight lines. Place the on top of the cake and in the center.

7. Add green drops of food coloring to a quarter cup of fondant and roll to shape grass patches.

8. Use lego people and cars as finishing touches to make your decoration look more realistic. Enjoy!!

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Cake submitted by Jamie S. from Sandy, UT

Lego Cake

I started by baking a rainbow chip Pillsbury cake mix in a 9x13" pan. I prepared another box of cake mix, and filled miniature cupcake tins to use for the top of the legos. After completely cooled, I cut the cake into 3 even rectangles.

I took one of the rectangle cake pieces, and placed it on a cookie sheet. I added food coloring to a container of cream cheese frosting. I covered the top of the rectangle shaped cake with it. Then stacked the second rectangle cake on top to make it look like a lego piece.

I used colored frosting to frost the entire rectangle lego birthday cake. After completely frosted, I added 6 small miniature cupcakes (turning them upside down onto the rectangle cake). I frosted them with the same colored frosting.

I cut the last remaining rectangle cake in half making two even square pieces. I frosted each square in a different color. Added two small upside-down cupcakes on each square, and then frosted the cupcakes.

It was delicious and fun!

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