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Cake submitted by Richard P. from Rio Rancho, NM

Monster Truck Cake

Make 2 large square cakes, place them side by side. Then make another small cake and cut it up to use as ramps. Cover with chocolate frosting.

Sprinkle some brown sugar for the track, and place your cars and trucks on it. Decorate as you like.

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Cake submitted by Kymberli P. from Portland, OR

Monster Truck Cake

Bake cakes at 350°F for 29-33 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean. Allow cakes to cool.

Invert 1 cake onto serving platter. Frost top with chocolate frosting. Invert 2nd cake on top of the 1st. Frost entire cake with chocolate frosting.

Mix 1/2 container of white frosting with food coloring - red, yellow, green, blue to make a gray road color. Spread around the bottom of the cake. Crush chocolate sugar wafers and pile them on top of the cake, and sprinkle around the base.

Place rock candies on top and at base of the cake. Slice orange candy slices into triangles to resemble hazard cones. Take black licorice vines and roll to make 'wheels'. Secure with a toothpick, and place 1 on top of the cake and 1 at the base.

Place Monster Truck on top of the cake. Place cars at the cake base on the 'road.' Or, you can line the up, and have the Monster Truck 'jump' over them.

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Monster Truck cake submitted by Lorraine E. from Granite Falls, NC

Monster Truck Birthday

We used 4 boxes of cake mix, 4 cans of icing, and dye (colors of your choice). We made the wheels out of pot pie tins.

We baked two 8x12" cakes. Then we created the shape of our cake. It was not easy - it took two tries before we got it right.

The cake came out awesome!

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Cake submitted by Nina C. from Hamptonville, NC

Monster Jam

I just baked a regular chocolate double layer cake. Decorated with green colored icing for grass. Bought 4 small cars and 2 monster trucks to put on the cake.

Everything turned out nice!

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Monster Truck cake submitted by Marlana M. from George West, TX

Monster Jam Birthday

To decorate the cake, we used buttercream icing to build "ramps" out of cut pieces of cake, and then frosted them. We used brown sugar for the dirt track. Found sour strips, and placed them on the ramps.

My mom used a grass tip to place the green grass around the track. We placed some hot wheels below the ramp for the appearance of crushing the cars. We picked my son's favorite Monster Jam trucks, and put them around the track.

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Monster Truck cake submitted by Angela G. from Southside, AL

Grave Digger Birthday

This cake was done by baking a deep 9x13" and cutting it in half width wise. I stacked the two layers and sculpted them with a serrated knife.

I then iced and covered in white fondant followed by black fondant. I cut through the black fondant for windows revealing the white.

I raised the cake up with a 2" (depending on the size of your wheel) PVC, with a cap for sturdiness, placed where the wheels would line up to hide them.

The wheels were Rice Krispie treats covered with fondant and threaded with a dowel. I put a dowel through one wheel, then the cake and then the second wheel.

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Cake submitted by Cass B. from Ephraim, UT

Monster Jam Cake

I just baked a cake mix in a 9x13" pan, and inverted it onto a large bamboo platter. Frosted the cake with chocolate frosting.

Then I crushed up Chips Ahoy cookies (for a more natural "dirt" colored look than Oreos). Formed them into a mound at the back end of the cake.

I then took hammer to 3 hot wheels cars to make them look "crushed." I took El Toro Loco (my son's favorite Monster Jam truck) and put it going up the mound onto the first toy car.

Then I added a couple trees in the background to balance the scene a little, and added the wording in the front.

I would have done the wording with frosting but my handwriting is terrible - especially with frosting - so I just used the little candies.

The 4 and 5 year olds LOVED it! The only problem was my son wanted to take the truck and play with it before the party actually started!

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Monster Truck cake submitted by Victoria D. from Albany, OR

Monster Truck Birthday Cake

My son wanted a total Monster Truck theme on his 4th birthday. I searched the web for many ideas, and came across a cake on this site actually that I took some ideas from.

I used chocolate cake mix, making two 9 inch rounds. I made chocolate buttercream icing from scratch. The 'dirt' was made from chocolate graham cracker crumbs. I used chocolate rocks to trim the cake.

I then topped the cake with my son's stunt cars and 2 new monster trucks that were part of his gifts anyway.

I tried to create a 'track' look on the side of the cake. Rolled the tires in icing to make it look like 'mud' was formed on them.

The cake was a hit with my son!

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Grave Digger cake submitted by Steve J. from Victoria, Canada

Grave Digger Cake

I just used 4 cake mixes (9 x 13's) and 7 tubs of pre-made icing. I had to tint the icing to the colors that I needed, but that is about it.

The tires are basically one cake, then each of the three layers are each a complete cake as well. I just stacked them up with a layer of neon-green icing between them, and then started sculpting with a knife.

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