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Cake submitted by Jill N. from Grand Junction, CO

Skateboard Birthday Cake

Bake three cakes: two 9 or 10" round, and one 9 X 13" cake. Turn cakes out from pans and freeze. After the cakes are frozen, frost 9 X 13" cake with white frosting. Place round cakes on top overlapping to form an 8. Carve out a rounded 2-3" strip down the center of the round cakes.

Frost the half-pipe with gray icing, and place ground-up Oreo cookies around the edges of the cake and on top. Ice the 8 shape in red icing. Place small skateboarders (found at Wal-mart in cake/ party section) on top.

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Cake submitted by Patricia C. from Peabody, MA

Skateboard Cake

My son made three 9x11 cakes out of yellow cake mix, and stacked them together with vanilla frosting.

Then I turned it into a skateboard ramp. Made brown fondant look woodgrain by adding brown food coloring to 1/3 of the white (homemade fondant).

The gray was made by adding black food color to the remaining fondant. I then cut out a section of the cake.

Covered it all in homemade vanilla frosting. Rolled out a 9/11 piece of brown, and placed it as the ramp board. Trimmed off the excess. Rolled out the gray in 2 sections, and placed on both sides.

With the leftover fondant, I rolled snake-like pieces to cover where I put the fondant together. I made a little boy. The skateboards were my son's miniature ones. Added some stickers to the sides.

My son's friends thought it was so cool. This made me and my son happy.

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