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Tinkerbell cake designs on this page look quite elegant. They can be the center of attraction for any party. I hope you find these recipe ideas helpful!

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Cake submitted by Carla Corl from Stanton, CA

Tinkerbell Cake

For this Tinkerbell cake, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 cakes: 8, 10, 12 in
  • 4 x 2 in Styrofoam balls
  • Pink tissue paper
  • 1 to 2 pkg. 9 in plastic dowels depending on cake height
  • Butter cream frosting tinted white, green, yellow, and pink
  • Gum paste tinted green, pink and light brown
  • Marshmallow fondant white and tinted purple.
  • 4 in Tinkerbell figure
  • Tips 3, 5, 2D, 12, grass tip
  • 14 in or larger base board

It is best to make the gum paste decorations the night before so they have time to dry.

Make the top flower by rolling out pink gum paste to 1/16 in. Cut flower petal shapes 4in long. Use a ball fondant tool to thin the edges and create ruffles. Place the petals over bunched up paper towels to get the right shape and let dry.

Roll out the green gum paste to 1/16 in thick. Cut 1/2 in thick strips slightly taller than the first tier. Cut the tips of the strip to form points. Fold over ends of some of the strips. Set aside and let dry.

Use the brown gum paste to make the mushrooms. Let dry.

Cover the top tier with purple fondant. Use tip 3 to pipe the dots on the top tier. When flower petals are dry, place petals in a circle on the top. Using tip 12, pipe the center of the flower with yellow butter cream, covering the ends of the petals.

Cover the 2nd tier in white fondant. Use tip 5 to pipe the vines. Use tip 2D to make flowers. Use tip 12 to add yellow centers to flowers. Push the plastic dowels through the Styrofoam balls.

Trim plastic dowels flush to the top of the balls. Make sure they are even or you cake will tip over. Wrap the balls in pink tissue paper. Insert dowels in to the 2nd tier.

Cover bottom tier in purple fondant. Place on a 14 in or larger cake board base. Attach the gum paste grass. Pipe grass around the base using grass tip. Place mushrooms in the grass.

Trim dowels flush to height of bottom tier. Again, make sure the dowels are even. Insert dowels into the cake.

At the site, stack the cake. Add Tinkerbell figure to front of cake, use butter cream to get her to stay put.

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Tinkerbell cake submitted by Annie M. from Lampman, Canada

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

This started out with a Tinkerbell theme. But I could not find a small figurine of Tinkerbell. So I just created a river flow of icing with lots of candies and flowers. Made a personal touch for Fiona by color-flowing her name and placing on the cake.

I added white color flow stars pressing into the cake just for flair, two 9 by 13 layers and 2 round cakes on top.

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Tinkerbell cake submitted by Rachel H. from Newport News, VA

Tinkerbell Cake

I started with vanilla cakes: put one of the snack pack vanilla puddings in the mix, and cut my water by 1/4 cup. Baked for the designated time.

Cooled in pans on the wire racks for about 5 to 10 min. (I used hexagon pans - three sizes. I like the elegant look of the more unique shape.)

Took the cakes out of the pan and cooled on the rack for about 20 min. Then wrapped tightly with Saran Wrap and placed in freezer. (Overnight is the best, but you can keep them in the freezer for a few weeks and they will still be very moist and usable.)

I made buttercream icing. For a cake this size, I made about 8 cups of icing. I used real butter, butter flavored Crisco, pure vanilla extract, and evaporated milk (it makes for a very rich, smooth icing).

Sifted the 10x powdered sugar, left butter to room temperature overnight. Beat butter and Crisco 'til very smooth, and added the vanilla at this point as well.

Always add the sugar 1/2 cup at a time and then the evaporated milk, just enough to help smooth it all. Then repeat that same process until the sugar is all gone.

I gave the cake a light buttercream layer, then started on the fondant. I used a white fondant and added the green coloring to it. To get the swirl effect, I made sure that as I added the coloring I kept adding only to the white.

I rolled the fondant out on a very lightly sugared surface. Took a bit of the powdered sugar and sprinkled on the board.

Used my large rolling pin to roll to a thickness of about a quarter inch. Covered each cake separately, and used a very thin rope from the leftover to blend the edges.

For the flowers, I used silk. The little fairies are from Walmart. I used a small flower pot to lift Tinkerbell up and set her apart. You can use some jewelry making wire to attach things to the cake, makes it easier to remove!

The little girl I made this for was turning two.

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