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Here you can find several ideas for making Yo Gabba Gabba cake. You can try making these cakes with your kids as one of our readers did. Good luck!

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Cake submitted by Charmaine Paquette

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

This is a Yo Gabba Gabba cake that we made for our nursery school. I made it with my son and 2 of his friends.

We started by making six 8 inch round white cakes from bought mix. Using white icing we iced the tops of three of the cakes and stacked another on top of each one. Two double cakes were then stacked on the cake tray.

We finished icing them with white icing. Then placed the third cakes in the center of the two we had placed on the board and iced it as well with the white.

We used the Wilton's recipe for butter cream icing: 1 cup Crisco, 1 cup butter, 1 tsp vanilla, 4 cups icing sugar, milk to get right consistency adding only teaspoon at a time.

The Yo Gabba Gabba characters are made from Marshmallow fondant icing that we made ahead of time. Plus we made blue stars and all the balls used for the border. The kids had a great time rolling out the icing and using cookie cutters as well as making the balls. However I had to keep reminding them that they were for the cake.

Grease a mixing bowl generously with Crisco and add half of a 1 pound of confectioners' sugar, 3 tablespoons water in a pot on medium heat on burner. 16 ounces of mini marshmallows are added stirring constantly so you don't scorch them.

Once they are melted, pour into greased bowl. Add the remainder of confectioners' sugar, grease hands with Crisco and mix. (Mixture will be hot). Mix until smooth and workable. I like to make it ahead of time and leave in fridge overnight be sure to wrap it tightly with plastic wrap.

Color can be added as well. I like the Wilton coloring because it doesn't mess with the consistency of the icing.

I printed pictures of the characters from the computer and used them as a guide to follow to cut them out of fondant. Once all the decorations were on, I piped stars and borders using a size 18 tip and wrote on the sides.

'Little rascals' is the name of the nursery, and 'We Like to Dance' was the phrase the children liked best from the show.

This was the first cake that I made with my 4 year old son and we had so much fun I can not wait till we make another one. When we were done, the kids got to make a shape just to eat.

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Yo Gabba Gabba cake submitted by Crissy W. from Joshua, TX

Foofa Cake


  • 12" heart shaped cake pan
  • Large flower cookie cutter
  • 2 boxes of cake mix
  • 3 tubs of icing
  • Neon pink food coloring
  • Yellow food coloring
  • Red gel food coloring
  • Black gel food coloring
  • Star tip for decorating

I prepared one of the cake mixes as instructed on the box and poured into the heart shaped cake pan. Then prepared the second box and poured 1/2 into the cake pan and the remainder in a 9x9" pan, and baked.

I used classic white icing in the tub. With one of the tubs I used at least 1/2 of the neon pink icing to ice the whole heart cake for Foofa's face.

With the cake in the 9x9" pan, I used the cookie cutter to cut out the flower for the top of the head. I did this in a corner to allow the rest for the collar. I used the cookie cutter to cut the point off of the heart to place the flower on top of her head.

Then you can use the cookie cutter and the rest of the square cake to cut the collar out.

To decorate the flower and the collar, you can either use white frosting with small amount of pink food coloring or strawberry icing. I used both, and got lots of compliments on the strawberry icing tasting good. I used the star tip to frost the flower and the collar.

I used a can of the frosting with tips to pipe around the petals to make them stand out. (You can use just a piping tip and a little bit of darker icing for this.)

I also used the can to do the round nose. For the outsides of the collar, I again used the canned frosting and the basket weave tip.

For the eyes, I used white icing and the star tip. Then made the eye center with the black gel frosting, and outlined it. For the mouth, I used the red gel icing.

Don't forget to mix a little yellow for the center of the flower on top.

This was a fun cake to make!

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